Concert Production: We put up the live shows, musical concerts, artists-booking, market the concerts, coordinate staff & equipment.

Talent Booking: We help artists with opportunities and platform for performances and display their talent.

Music & Brand Partnerships: Like many artists and music studios, importance of branding cannot be avoided. We are aiming to establish associations between artists & brands.
Travel Coordination & Logistics: We have set goals to perform musical tours to expand the network and presence of Scorpion7 at wide level nationally.We will be co-ordinating lot of travel and touring along with impassioned artists with us.

Negotiating and managing performances: A good performance is a package of best offers tailored for the artists and viewers to make each event memorable.We put up and endeavor to make attractive deals & business planning .

We also providing our best services in below mentioned sector – 

Tour personnel and Management | Back-line and Sound System | Staging & Design Elements | Special Effects & Lighting | F.O.H and Monitor Engineer | Festival Management and Administration| All kind of Licenses &  NOC.