How to pick up girls from parties

Parties are one of the best places to meet girls. Being surrounded by tons of hot girls can make anyone nervous, and lots of competition among men can be stressful. Follow these steps and you will be always “Gentlemen Hunter”

  • Act confident : Women love confidence. Almost as much as they love chocolate bars.Walk to her and then simply say : “Hello” along with introducing yourself.It would be fairly easy to find from her reply whether she is fascinated or not interested, If not interested then respect and immediately leave.
  • Be nice and friendly to her: Be extremely polite and don’t make her feel shitty.let her eye make contact with yours before you go to have a conversation with her and this is the best way to approach a girl. As soon as your eye makes her contact with her eyes, make sure to retain the contact. Once you repetitively establish an eye contact with a person, it might be a signal that she is interested and open for a conversation. You can compliment a girl on  her smile, style, eyes and so many things.
  • If she showing interest in you then try to get some adorable giggles to escape her body, then again compliment her on her cute smile or something like that.And if she shows the sign of not being interested leave her alone with secret note on a tissue or a piece of paper along with your name & contact number.
  • Offer her a drink when things are going really well, one way to close is to suggest that the two of you have a more private party. This might be bouncing to a nearby bar or it might mean heading back to your place. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to gently suggest that the two of you take things somewhere else.

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