Ali Sayyed. a.k.a Zeus started attending to major Events & parties in National Cities. He developed his taste for music and after a few months he started DJing on his own and at parties all around the country.Now after 5 years of his debut in India and at his young age of 23 he has played in some of the best dance floors in mumbai, pune, heydrabad, jaipur, delhi,Chennai,Shimla etc..Sharing stage with the biggest names of the EDM scene.He has played with some top SUNBURN artists LOST STORIES, NDS & BLUE, PROGRESSIVE BROTHERS, ZAIDEN and many moreNow he is working on his solo EDM project.After such a short trajectory he has created a reputation that precedes him and has become one of the most sought after DJs in his homeland with appearances at magazines.His deep EDM & BANGERS style and charm will make you love him.