As the name suggests, the amount of passion that is required for a DJ. Yes I am one of them. I believe that sometimes I have to shake my own world and people around me to enjoy the rebellious side of life. What I believe “The dance floor is supposed to be somewhere I can just let myself go and just really flaunt it out, sleaze it out, filth
it out, dirt it out, just get down and enjoy. What is really, really important for me is to get the dance floor sexy and to get it filched up. “Let’s have a party.”

Music is an aphrodisiac for my life and my motive is to share this enthusiasm with great lovers of music to fill their life with pleasure. I am passionate for DJing, learning as well as boosting me up in the field of Music where I can prove my potentials, skills, talent & passion to make the people danced with an enormous joy. To play music is my passion, the greatest gift to me by God. I play music to compete myself day by day that make me feel a special DJ.
My zeal for music gives me motivation to defy convention and pursue music as a serious profession. My indefatigable spirit to constantly discover new and enthralling music for my listeners, coupled with my vibrant energy and an enviable ear for first-rate music, ensures that the force of this fervor of passion towards the music is conveyed to one and all.

Specification of Music (Genre)
Electro House
Dub step