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We often receive requests from Clients asking for Band profiles & Dj’s profile to play at their event’s venue, We send a profile as per fitting in the client’s Requirements.


Its a kind request to all the Artist’s who are interested to forward their profile to us to please be specific and complete about certain sections.


Submit your latest HD picture for profile & required compulsory minimum 5 Audio files or video files & send to


If you have an upcoming confirmed Live event form our side, you will listed in our Event Calendar on the website & promoted by us.


The Aim is “Acceptance” and taking the client in “Confidence” that “Yes” if you are being booked to perform you will do complete justice to the event. So Please ensure you mention these points in detail


We can send your profile across directly to clients, So please fill up the form properly.


Also Vice Versa for Clients/Members who require Help/Assistance/Consultancy can contact ­us on website


Brands/Organizations/Companies/Entities etc. looking for Collaborations, Tie ups, Partnerships or have any Proposal of any kind can email us with necessary information to