Scorpion7 is a music entertainment company established in January 2015. The company from its inception is capable to create high-end musical events and continued to deliver the best performances throughout the year in the city and the state with flying colors. Scorpion7 is the fastest growing live entertainment in Jodhpur and Rajasthan with 17699 followers.

Scorpion7 aims to reach higher. After tapping potential market in Rajasthan of the music-industry and its channels we want to punch above our weight.Soon we are going to start our own Record label co.
Scorpion7 has worked as promoter and talent-hunter And same we had done with CAMPUS Harmonize project for NIFT and IIT & other colleges, in Jodhpur as well as in region. In one year Scorpion7 has made record history of entertaining of 8000-9000 approx people in the city, state, and outside state directly and indirectly.

Scorpion7 organizes large-medium scale events to promote bands or featured artists. It provides the best live shows for Bands, D.J, Folk-artists etc (absolutely related to music) within the nation and beyond. Our purpose is to cater to the needs of the audience and help bands/musicians channel their music to the right crowd. 

Every concert undertaken would be specifically dealt with; and we put in our expertise, experience and social contacts, overcoming all challenges, ensuring our supervision in every aspect of the event. We pay keen attention to production, safety, licensing and legal affairs, crowd control and security. And at the end of the day, we don’t just organize a gig, we make it a special and memorable experience for you

Music Yatra:

Good music and destinations both pull one rather these two going to the one.

Scorpion7’s music yatra is maneuver to create musical stir and bring lively environment in daily ruckus of life. Under this notion Scorpion7 means to expand its presence in other states and create connections. This will allow musicians to witness the crowd attitude and understand nuances of culture each city differs with the other.  With the idea to keep the momentum, it will not only allow musicians to move but their quality performances can etch out in audience’s memory and pull them along with the tour. The efforts will be to make the proposal congenial. But for sure it will give a huge platform and direct platform to entrepreneurs since the idea has business gesture with it.

Branding and sponsoring, for those who believe in it know how word of mouth and advertising add to their customers delight and loyalty, make new customers. For today customer is way ahead in knowing about what product to attach the most. The spreading word, is a serious business and Scorpion7 wants to associate to brands and Inc. who believe in the effect of musical stage performances as well as who know how it brings to their customers extra delight finding their brands associated with.

Scorpion7’s approach is to kindle this idea by traversing to the selective cities in the first round of tour.

 #LURM is to give message to the humanity to love each other and removing the bars of color, societal difference, race and unite together to make world a place that means only happiness and love by living harmoniously and respect to each other!
Music is worship, it educates us!The purpose of #LURM is to prepare an army for battle against violence and abuse, that has rotten our society. By music as a weapon we can protest against all the odds to harmony in the world.#LURM signifies solidarity and peace.If you believe that by doing little you can do a lot to humanity. Join #LURM … let us promote art and lovers of arts.. We encourage you to join #LURM if you are associated with music in anyway and uplift this cause for the betterment of the society.
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